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  • LAPT-EQA Certifications Ltd is a UK company, registered in England and Wales. For the last 15 years, it has established itself as a leading international Management Consultancy, skill assessment, examination and certification body. LAPT provides consultancy to our accredited partner centre. It is an external quality assurance (EQA) body for its accredited partner centre network. LAPT is an independent organisation entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in vocational training. We are dedicated to checking the quality of training and assessments of students registered at more than five hundred LAPT accredited partner centres globally. As an EQA body we audit the quality of the training infrastructure, trainers and assessments at our accredited partner centres. LAPT is also appointed as consultant with leading companies in Hospitality/Cosmetics/Retail and IT. To corporates we provide consultancy in various domains.


    LAPT Middle East FZE- For its Middle East and Asia region LAPT has appointed an exclusive representative. LAPT Middle East shall represent us and promote our services in this region.

    LAPT products can be divided in following categories-

    A. EQA Partner Network (Consultancy and Accreditation for Training Providers)
    B. Corporate Partner Network (Industry based consultancy)
    C. LAPT Exams@ Pearson VUE Testing Network
    D. Online Training


    Vision and Aim of LAPT-EQA Certifications

    LAPT works for Industry and Training providers. It aims to be a leading solution provider in Hospitality, IT, Retail, Beauty and Management Consultancy. Our main objective is to build trust of industry and learners.  By our external quality assurance compliances both learners and employer can trust the quality of a service provider.


    What is an EQA Body

    External Quality Assurance Body or EQA Body is a third party consultancy that benchmark and regulates quality of  services of an accredited partner. It is an external examiner for the assessments of training organisations. It acts as a quality assurance link between employers’ students and training providers.
    EQA body develops and works on a framework to support quality assurance in VET. It helps training providers and other organization to- Document > Develop > Monitor and improve the quality of vocational education and training. It is based on a quality assurance cycle of four stages-

    Stage 1- Planning of a training programme
    Stage 2- Implementation of training
    Stage 3- Evaluation of  learning outcome
    Stage 4- Review of the training programme

    Each stage supported by quality criteria. This quality assurance framework can be adopted to meet the needs of local employers of that region.

    How does the EQA Body framework benefit Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, learners and employers

    The framework places a greater emphases on meeting expectation of learners and the need to improve the quality of VET in order to increase employability matching the demand for training with supply and giving better access to lifelong learning and finally it supports the mutual recognition of qualification among employers. This help VET providers to enrich the training provision, make training programme more attractive and enhance their  reputation. Reliable quality assurance of  VET, supported by quality framework is the key to achieving these goals


    LAPT Corporate Consultancy

    Our industry specific solutions have evolved from our experience. We have been supporting our corporate clients to get the best trained and certified professional. We help entrepreneur in many ways. We provide consultancy for-
    Hospitality Industry
    Retail Industry
    Beauty & Cosmetics

    Some of our specialised services are-

    Restaurant Consultancy
    Hiring and Recruitment
    Franchising Solutions
    IT Solutions
    Food Safety and
    ISO Certifications
    Branding and Concept Building
    Digital Marketing


    LAPT Exams @ Pearson VUE

    LAPT has signed an agreement with Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing (CBT), to deliver LAPT certification examinations. Students will be able to take LAPT examinations at Pearson VUE testing centres throughout the world.

    LAPT Exams will be available on 5500 Pearson VUE network in over 180 countries. LAPT has its own exams in English, Retail, Hospitality, Beauty and Business Management.


    Online Courses

    Soon LAPT shall be launching its online courses for learners globally

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About Us

"London Academy of Professional Training (LAPT) is a UK company incorporated as LAPT-EQA Certifications Ltd in 2003 by the registrar of companies for England and Wales,(company number 4984798) under the Companies Act 1985."
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