Diverse Cultures Difficulties

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Diverse Cultures Difficulties

Different cultures is a major challenge for anyone interacts with people on a wide spectrum. How to deal with it, and What to do in the spot if you were misunderstood.

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  • Introduction 
  • Assessment to understand your (each one) specific needs and difficulties 
  • Dealing with different cultures doesn't mean you must know all about each one
  • Sometimes you will be guilt-tripped. What should you do
  • Assessment 
  • How to manage being under stress while dealing with difficult customers/management 
  • Tips for on the spot problem

This course contains study material, live videos, and assessments.

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

Cindrella is  a certified professional trainer from London Academy for Professional Trainers LAPT.

Founder and Managing Director Best FZE (www.best-fze.com)

Life Coach, Therapist, Business Programs Trainer, Drama Expert, Soft/Social Skills expert, Human Behavior Developer, and Influencer.