Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Demonstrate that you have the skills needed to get the most out of PowerPoint by earning a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 certification. Successful candidates will have a fundamental understanding of the PowerPoint environment and demonstrate the correct application of PowerPoint 2016.

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  • Specific tasks the students should be able to perform include: launching and closing applications, navigating basic file structures, and managing files and folders. To meet this prerequisite, you can take either of the following Logical Operations courses.


Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Exam to Earn a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 Certification.     

  • Create and manage presentations
  • Insert and format text, shapes, and images
  • Insert tables, charts, SmartArt, and media
  • Apply transitions and animations
  • Manage multiple presentations

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

My name is Farah Rustom

I have extensive experience in administrative and HR management with a Master's Degree in Educational Management and teaching background as a computing specialist ( Bs Business Computer ) in national & international UAE schools since 2002. My recent managerial positions allowed me to acquire a piece of wide knowledge of operations, coordination, and presentation techniques, in addition to developing my interpersonal and communication skills.  

As per Sustainable Development Goals, in particular SDG4 Education, my aim is to accelerate United Nations' Global Goals Agenda 2030 by : 

  • promoting education to all young learners worldwide 
  • empowering distance learning 
  • supporting educators globally to be innovative experts 
  • boosting student engagement of students in physical/virtual classrooms 
  • fostering innovation and creativity 
  • contributing to various webinars, workshops, activities, conferences, etc...
  • coordinating free online workshops and projects for young learners around the world ( Project Coordinator " We Astronauts Global Educational Project") 
  • joining several national and international communities to share experience such as ( MCT, MIEE, Buncee,  Adobe Education, Kahoot, Office 365, Prezi Educator, Nearpod, friends of the disabled association, Wakelet, SDGs, International Youth Society, Global Peace Chain ....)  


Degrees & Achievements:  


  • Bachelor Business Computer  
  • Masters Educational Management  
  • Honorary Doctorate / Doctor of Philosophy / Theophany University 

         Other Certificates: 

  • Microsoft Certified Educator  
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer 2021-2022 
  • MIE Expert 2020-2021 
  • MIE Master Trainer 2021-2022
  • ACP ( Visual Design Using Photoshop ) 



  • Adobe Certified Educator Level 1 & 2 Badge
  • Wakelet Certified & Community Leader Badge

  • Nearpod Certified Educator Badge

  • Kahoot ( Silver & Bronze ) Badge


Achievements and Contributions 

  • Global Educator by Adobe 2020   
  • Global Professional Member " Institute of Global Professionals" 
  • Director of Education " International Youth Education"
  • Global Peace Chain Ambassador - Lebanon  


  • Education Ambassador - Lebanon / IIU
  • Global Edu Leader by ICE / IIU
  • Certificate of Excellence by "London Academy of Professional Training-LAPT Ltd, London UK".
  • Certificate of Commitment - Global Pledge Campaign to promote safety against Covid- 19 by World Book of Records 
  • STAR2020 By World Book of Records  
  • CW-DE-VIS Award by Charles Walter‘s Society for Innovation & Research 
  • International Academician  
  • Keynote Speaker  
  • Global Inspiring Women's Award 2020 
  • International Women Achiever Award 2021 
  • World Peace Award by CWSIR