Join LAPT Trainer Network

We invite professional trainers to join our trainer network. If approved you shall become LAPT Certified Trainer for the selected courses. You can choose the courses from LAPT Academies.

Stages of LAPT Training Providers

LAPT certifies the trainers and accredits their training courses to be delivered online, onsite and with accredited training academies, centres and institutes. Please read carefully to understand the progression of a trainer with LAPT. Trainers can progress with us in the following four stages-

Stage 1. LAPT Approved Trainer-

This stage means that the LAPT team has seen potential in your profile and looks forward to working with you. When you get approved as a trainer you get a trainers dashboard that you utilise to publish your training courses.

Stage 2- LAPT Certified Trainer

As a LAPT approved trainer you can choose the LAPT Certification courses you can teach. Your profile shall be assessed for the courses you have chosen. If approved by LAPT you shall become LAPT Certified Trainer for that certification or qualification series.

Stage 3. LAPT Accredited Courses

If you are a subject matter expert, with professional work experience we can accredit and endorse your courses. Please read "Course Accreditation and Qualification Development" for more details. This will enable your learners to get certified by LAPT. To get your courses accredited by LAPT it should follow a structured framework which includes standard learning outcome and trustable assessment procedures. 

Level of Accreditation

Based on the course structure duration, framework, learning outcome and assessments the courses shall be accredited at 

1. Certificate Level

2. Advanced Certificate Level

3. Diploma Level

4. Advanced Diploma Level/Post-Graduate Diploma Level

Stage 4. Delivering LAPT accredited certification through local training institutes.

You can deliver LAPT accredited training courses in association with local training academies. You need to get the training institute listed with LAPT. The local training institutes can get listed on the LAPT website. The learners shall get certification endorsed by LAPT, Trainer and the academy head.

Publishing Other Courses

Courses under after school academy do not require any accreditation and validation. They can be published by tutors. No LAPT Certification shall be awarded for such courses.