Training Accreditation

LAPT works as an EQA body in the training industry. It benchmarks the quality and learning outcome of a training course through its assessments and examination. Join the LAPT network and get your courses accredited by us. LAPT accreditation brings global recognition to your courses. We have helped more than 500 training organisations globally.

If you are approved and accredited by LAPT, your courses shall be listed on the LAPT website. You can now publish your own online courses on LAPT online platform and register students. 
LAPT  offers a library of 100+ training courses. LAPT has its trainers that deliver high-quality online face to face training through LAPT platform. If you are accredited by LAPT, you can promote and use 100+ LAPT course library 

Join the growing network of LAPT Accredited training partners. Send us an email on [email protected]