Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Retail & Travel Management

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Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Retail & Travel Management

Airborne Air Hostess Academy- Delhi

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  • This course is delivered through Instructor-led Training (ILT). We have the following mode of training for our courses- 1. Instructor-led Training (ILT) 2. virtual instructor-led training (VILT) 3. E-Learning 4. Blended Learning- We offer following type of blended learning options A. ILT + E-Learning B. VILT+ E-Learning C. ILT+VILT+Elearning D. ILT+VILT


This course is offered by LAPT Training Partner. You will be awarded joint certificate from accredited training partner and LAPT Qualification based on the score you achieved. You shall also be awarded course completion certificate on completion of this course. The virtual online learning courses are also offered for many courses, check the category carefully. Learners can chat live with our training consultants

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

From The Director’s Desk

“We believe a business is not successful if it is only committed to profit. It has to be an activity which creates prosperity and well being for all those who are connected with it directly or indirectly. Profit is only a by-product reflecting how well we are carrying out the business activity”.

Mrs.Sonia Sachdeva

About Us

In the year 2002, Airborne Air Hostess Academy entered the domain with aim of providing different types of Training Programs for Aviation, Hospitality, Retail and Travel Management industries. The academy adjoins latest knowledge for each of the training programs it provides. The structure of all courses has been designed as per the ongoing and prospective requirement of the industry. We grow knowledge, behavior, mannerism, communication skills and the most striking part is attitude, our professional faculties put in each of the students who come at us with desire of being something distinct in their life. Since the inception, we have been creating the students ready for Aviation, Hospitality, Retail, and Travel industry. We deliver such exceptional output with our sophisticated infrastructure, having all kinds of facilities to change you into a skilled individual, who will have unlimited scopes in above industries. Our training programs allow students to learn about different cultures and customs as students need to deal with people of different countries in order to pursue a career in executing different job targets. We organizetraining where students are made to learn by professionals, having detailed knowledge of aspects, involved in programs. We have capability to train 250 students every year, as well as learning facilities are sufficient to each of the individuals personally. Our team of professionals are dedicated with determination to provide thorough knowledge of both theoretical and practical part of the course to the students. In addition, we immediately change our approach as per the changes in the industry norms and this is the reason for being a reputed name among all institutions, offering same kind of courses.

Our Aim

To impart Quality Education & Training in the line with International Standards and give young Aspirants an edge over the others who vie for jobs in the service industry.
Our Mission

Setup a Training Centre as a Center of Excellence for induction of Aviation Training and skill enhancement.
Maintain the highest standards of Quality Education & Training, with improved efficiency at the best competitive cost.
Readiness to adopt new methodologies of teaching for improved quality & thus, add value to our services.
Foster a culture of Trust and Mutual concern, thus making us an Institute of choice.
Strive to develop long-term relationships with clients.